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A Unique Approach

Comprehensive, independent advice

As an independent financial planner, David O’Block has been helping his clients make better financial decisions for more than 30 years.

Along with experienced and independent guidance, David offers access to a comprehensive array of products and services that include stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, variable annuities and life insurance, fixed life and annuities, healthcare and long-term care insurance, direct participation products, and written financial plans. 
Even though David can offer access to many products and services, he is not biased toward any of them. His recommendations are based solely on his understanding of your individual needs and goals. As an independent professional, he is not required to sell any particular company’s products. This enables him to select only the strategies that best fit his clients’ needs. In all cases, he seeks to optimize returns by limiting the impact of fees and expenses. He believes that clients should keep what they earn through their investments, and strives to avoid up-front sales charges whenever possible.


Financial planning can be complicated. It requires hard decisions that will affect your life and the lives of those in your family for many years to come. Making the right decisions can help you achieve your most cherished goals.

The Independent advantage

David O’Block and the independent professionals of The Equity Advisor Group have no obligations to investment product manufacturers and no cross-sell quotas or other home-office directives that may lead to conflicts of interest. David doesn’t spend his time in meetings or on conference calls with far-off senior management. His sole focus is serving his clients, and he acts in their best interests at all times.

The guidance you seek from an advisor you can trust 

If you’re like most people, you don’t have time to follow the markets closely or determine the right approach for your needs. You need an advisor you can trust—someone with in-depth knowledge about strategies and investments—to guide your choices.

As an independent financial planner, David can help you make those choices, just as he has helped other individuals and businesses with financial and advisory services, investments, insurance, retirement plans and more.


Across three decades, David has explored many different strategies and become familiar with the features and benefits of a wide range of investment products. He has learned to take a broad view of the financial planning discipline, incorporating his knowledge of economics, the political environment, and legislation and taxation into his economic commentaries. You can count on his knowledge and long-term perspective as you build your financial plan.


As an independent financial planner, David is free to choose the products and services that work best for each individual client. As part of this focus on the client, he is particularly vigilant about fees. He selects strategies with upfront fees only when it is to your advantage. David wants his clients to keep more of what they earn through investment performance.


Integrity is the cornerstone of David’s approach to financial planning. He seeks to put the client first in all aspects of his business. That approach begins at your first meeting and extends through the implementation process. He will present expert, independent solutions to your investment challenges and executes your strategies quickly and cost efficiently. But this commitment to client service lasts far beyond this initial process, as he continues to communicate with you about your strategies, respond to your questions and provide exceptional service. David believes that trust is built not by selling you a product or executing a trade, but by helping you make progress toward your financial goals, year after year.

Comprehensive services, tailored to your needs

David O’Block offers access to a full range of financial products, including:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • Variable annuities and life insurance
  • Fixed life and annuities
  • Healthcare and long-term care insurance (depending on current law and availability)
  • Direct participation products
  • IRA and pension rollover strategies
  • Asset allocation strategies
  • Tax-efficient investments
  • Performance monitoring and reporting

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* Financial Planning is offered through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc.