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Time-Tested Process

A sound financial plan begins with you

Every client is different, with his or her own goals, constraints and opportunities. David O’Block creates customized strategies for all of his clients, bringing his knowledge and experience to bear on the unique challenges they face.

Phase 1: Discovery

In your initial meeting, David will talk to you in-depth about your values, your hopes for the future and the financial goals you hope to achieve. He’ll also review your current portfolio with you.

Phase 2: Analysis

Once David has gained a clear picture of your current situation, he’ll begin to outline strategies to address potential problems and point out untapped opportunities. He will integrate these ideas into a set of recommendations to present you during a second meeting. You can ask questions and make suggestions about these steps at this meeting. When you sign off on all or part of this plan, it’s time to proceed to implementation.

Phase 3: Implementation

With your input, David will prioritize the steps of your plan. If you have other advisors—a lawyer or accountant, for example—he will coordinate with them to put your plan into action. The end result: a fully integrated and comprehensive plan.

Phase 4: Maintenance

Once your plan is up and running, he will report to you regularly on its progress and may suggest actions to further improve results. You can also call David anytime you have a question or  concern.